12 Creative Bachelor Bashes

The bachelor party is the last hoorah of the single man before marriage. But these parties have great potential to be much more than the stereotypical drink-till-you-puke, cake-popping stripper stag party. Not all small animals need fear their lives on this night of howling at the moon.

There are, however, some things that should remain standards for the bachelor bash. There has been an increase in recent years of co-ed or couples parties, but I am not a fan of the idea. Both bachelor and bachelorette parties should remain strictly gender specific. If trust is an issue, this ought to be worked out privately and before the wedding; if trust is not an issue, then there is no reason for ladies to attend the groom”s bachelor party. A separate party can be planned for couples.

Another standard practice is that the activities should be uniquely male. While women may enjoy the activities chosen, the opera, a trip to a museum, or an art class should not make the list. So, with those two standards in mind, let”s take a look at some fun, creative adventures for the guys:

1. Paintball. This is a sport in which the players do everything in their power to shoot their opponents with capsules that contain food coloring and gelatin propelled by a gun called a paintball marker. This wonderfully child-like game can cause pain and bruising, but not enough to cause permanent damage, making it perfect bachelor party fun. Do try to go easy on the groom, however!

2. Hunting. Men, guns, beer. Need I say more?

3. Cigar and Whiskey Tasting. Search the “around town” section of the local paper and find a tasting event. If money is not an issue, rent a limo or a sports car for the occasion. If you cannot afford a limo, make sure you have a designated driver.

4. Camping. Heading for the great outdoors is a macho male bonding activity unlike any other. Grill steaks on a grate over the fire and play a few hands of poker.

5. Skiing or Snowboarding. Hitting the slopes for a few hours and a few bourbons in the lodge next to a roaring fire is a sure-fire way to show the groom-to-be a good time.

6. Rock Concerts. Either rent a car or designate one of the attendees to be the non-drinking driver in order to make this as fun and safe as possible.

7. Golf. Eighteen holes and a few scotches from the drink cart is male bonding at its finest. Only plan this outing if the groom enjoys golf and make sure he is allowed a few extra mulligans, but do not reveal that part to anyone else.

8. White Water Rafting. The thrill of the drops, the feel of the foamy spray, the adrenaline rushing through your veins when you first glimpse those white water rapids…rafting is a great male party plan!

9. Skydiving. This is one of those things most guys want to do, but never really expect that they will be able to, making it a perfect bachelor bash activity.

10. Attending a Football Game. If possible, go to a game played by the grooms favorite team, but any football game will do.  Hot dogs, peanuts, and beer are a must.

11. Off-Roading. Take a perfectly good Jeep or Toyota 4-Runner, deflate the tires to about 15 lbs and hit the trails. If a rock gets in the way, go over it. Hold the booze, however, until after the rock crawling is over.

12. Movie Night. Braveheart, Spaceballs, The Patriot, Naked Gun, Lethal Weapon, Airplane, Die Hard, Big Trouble In Little China, Terminator, The Burbs, Saving Private Ryan, Indiana Jones. Make sure there are plenty of hot wings, smoked sausages, and beer.

When done right, the bachelor party can be not only a fun, fantastic time, but also a male bonding experience unlike any other that can last a lifetime.

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