Trends for Grooms

Last year, wedding websites began to focus much more on grooms and their role in planning the wedding. With blogs, Pinterest boards, and other social media outlets covering groom related topics, interests, and ideas, men now have an avenue to express themselves and how they want their personal styles to be reflected in their weddings.

Huff Post Weddings, the Huffington Post’s wedding resource guide, is an excellent place to find nuptial news for me, and Chris Easter, Co-Founder of The Man Registry, posted a look ahead at five groom trends for this year.

Scotch and Bourbon Bars

Signature cocktails were all the rage last year, but Chris says grooms are getting creative this year with entire bars full of scotch and bourbon that are separate from the main bar.

Stand-Out Socks

While stand-out ties were in last year, socks that make a statement will be this year’s fun accessory. Don’t forget to post pics of those fantastic socks on Facebook and Twitter! Chris says that even formal grooms can still send a message with socks: cashmere, wool, and silk are as luxurious as they are classic.

Grooms on Pinterest

While most men aren’t bragging about it to their groomsmen and friends, grooms are beginning to utilize Pinterest for their wedding planning needs. Chris reminds us that men are visual, and men are realizing the usefulness of the photo/web sharing site.

His-N-Hers Bachelor/ette Parties

Chris says that co-ed pre-wedding parties are excellent bonding opportunities for the entire wedding party and opens up options for many different events. From backyard barbeques to swimming parties, skiing trips to camping trips, sporting events to bar crawls, there are lots of ideas to choose from.

Engagement Rings for Him

This is not one of my favorite ideas, but Chris says that it’s a trend that won’t die. And his reason is a good one: “The men I [speak] to wanted to be able to publically reciprocate their dedication to their fiancées. I repeatedly heard: ‘If she’s wearing a ring, why shouldn’t I be?’” More power to them!

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