Honeymoon Trends That Will Make You Say YES!…Again

When planning honeymoon travel, most people think of sunny days spent on spectacular beach resort. Or maybe a cruise that visits two or three grand destinations. But if your idea of a romantic get-away doesn’t include the golden honeymoon standard of lazing around on a beach, read on for honeymoon trends that will make you say YES!…again.

Road Trip
Ah, yes, the open road! Think of romantic drives through rain showers, just to have the sun pop out so you can roll the window down and let your bare feet hang out the window. Imagine the time you’ll have with your new spouse to simply converse! Or crank up the tunes as you let the wind blow through your hair. Spend your nights in luxury accommodations, and don’t forget to take in adventurous activities along the way!

Make a stop in California and go surfing, climb a 14er in Colorado, zip line over the Royal Gorge, rent a Jeep in Moab, Utah, or hike the Grand Canyon.

River Cruise
Inland cruises have all the comforts and excitement of an ocean cruise but with smoother sailing. Spectacular scenery can be seen from every side of the boat, and you can walk straight off the ship into a port town to learn about its history and culture. You’ll experience changing landscapes as you sail past locks, canals, and bridges to anywhere in the world.

Adventure Honeymoon
Dude ranch vacations, cattle drives, river rafting, sea kayaking, hiking through jungles – lots of honeymooners these days are looking for a lifetime memory instead of just a relaxing week or two. Whether you want a rugged adventure package of a soft adventure, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Destination Cooking Classes
Feed body and soul with cooking classes in Mexico, Thailand, and China. Classes often include market tours and tastings, so if you’re a foodie, this may be the honeymoon for you!

For more honeymoon ideas off the beaten path, contact one of Electra Cruises professional event planners – and get started planning your romantic post-wedding get-away!

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