Packing Tips For A Stree-Free Honeymoon


I have read there are two types of travelers, those that pack light, and those that wish they had. Packing light while including everything you will need for two weeks may be difficult, but when you are lugging your bags through the airport, you will be glad you did. Your honeymoon should be stress-free and fun, not exhausting from dragging heavy luggage through doors and corridors, around corners and up cement curbs.

By following a few easy, simple tips, you can be a travel-wise pro.

Begin by making a packing list. This step essential; it eliminates last minute panic and forgetting the necessities, as well as allowing you to see at a glance everything you will be taking, and if there is anything you can eliminate.

Call ahead to the hotel or resort and ask about in-room amenities. If your room has a built-in hair dryer, you will not need to pack yours. While most hotels have soap, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner, you may still wish to take your own if you have sensitive skin or are simply particular to your own scents. Streamline these items if you can; bring only one lotion for all uses rather than one for face and another for hands and body, and choose an two-in-one shampoo and conditioner.

Always take travel-size toiletries in a waterproof case and wear any valuable jewelry while traveling. Put costume jewelry in mini, individual-size zip-top baggies, and place in your carry-on.

Many evening wear pieces can be worn more than once with little effort. After you wear the little black dress with rhinestones accessories, pair it with a delicate, off-white sweater and pearls. A pair of black slacks can be worn with an embellished sweater as well as a simple blouse and a sleek blazer. Look at your clothes to see if there are pieces you can eliminate or re-use.

Once your wardrobe is completely planned, take those items out of your closet and set them aside to keep them from needing to be washed or cleaned again before you leave.

Roll jeans, sweaters, and t-shirts, and layer them over each other. For garments that may crease, place tissue paper between them and fold, then lay on top of the clothing that is rolled up. Place undergarments and belts inside shoes, and in the nooks within the luggage created by bulkier items.

Carry all travel documents, jewelry, medications, keys, cash, and traveler”s checks in your carry-on. Label all luggage, including carry-on”s, both inside and out with your name and phone number, but never your home address. Don”t let yourself be at the mercy of your luggage.

Many airlines charge for bags over a certain weight limit, and those pieces that are extremely heavy will cause you fatigue and frustration. Take a little extra time to pack light and pack well, and you can spend your energy doing other more important things! 🙂

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