5 Signs of a Lasting Marriage

Every marriage goes through bad times, dark times, sad times, and just plain unpleasant times. Many people find it hard to maintain their relationship during difficulty, and, unfortunately, these are the times where many couples lose what’s most important to them: To have a marriage that lasts.

But what if they’re mistaken? What if they really are stronger than they think? What if they could make it through? Sometimes couples throw in the towel when all they need to do is last one day longer than the trial. So how do you know if you’re one of those strong couples who really have it in them to survive? Check out these 5 signs of a lasting marriage.

You have fun together

Perhaps the most tell-tale sign of a lasting marriage is this: You have fun together. In truth, romance doesn’t hold a tapered candle to fun and friendship. Does he make you laugh? Does she enjoy palling around with you? And remember that both competitive and complementary enjoyment work under here. Competition is still enjoyment of one another’s company. Many couples route for rivaling sports teams, but they still enjoy watching sports together. Many couples are out for blood when they play Monopoly, but they’re still playing together.

You still touch each other

Touch is powerful. It can break barriers and tear down walls. Touch can rekindle dying romance and ignite a flame of passion. Couples who will last touch each other even in the tough times. They hold hands while sitting on the couch or walking in the mall. They always kiss goodbye and good morning. They lean in and get close even in the middle of an argument.

You forgive and let go

Notice I didn’t say forgive and forget. But you have the choice of letting go of a hurt, even if you remember what happened. Resentment and contempt will destroy a marriage faster than anything else. Forgiveness and respect will heal a marriage faster than anything else.

You talk

About anything – about everything. About the good stuff – about the hard stuff. About sweet things – about angry things. Communication is the key to a lasting marriage, and if you aren’t good at communicating in the good times you won’t be good at communicating in the hard times.

You don’t hide things

From purchases to feelings, from past relationships to online relationships, hiding things from your spouse can lead to hurt feelings and distrust. Couples who last don’t hide things.

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