Tips To Personalize Your Wedding

Celebrity wedding planner Sasha Souza sat down with Get Married for an exclusive interview and shared her tips and insights on fresh ways to personalizing your wedding. A great source of information from beginning to end, there were a few that of her answers that I found particularly fascinating.

When asked where was a good start to looking for inspiration for a wedding, Sasha recommends looking to your own home for personal insight into what you like. She noted that the colors that you choose for your home, wardrobe, and car can offer a great wedding color guide. It can also clue you in to what is important to you. If your home is filled with shabby chic furniture, you may want to go with a more vintage feel to your wedding; if you like fine art and wine, go with classier touches.

When deciding how to light your wedding, she says “Lighting is going to affect a wedding 100%.” Candlelight is always a favorite, but she adds that “it is important to have ambient light and safety light lighting your pathways.”

Her tip one the wedding cake? “You don”t have to have only one flavor. Many tiers, many flavors! Be adventurous. Pick a cake that you love. The top can be cheesecake! Talk to your baker and find out what they are good at.”

When it comes to THE secret to a great wedding, she says, “The weddings that are my favorites are the ones that have something personal for my clients.” For a free consultation with one of Electra Cruises professional wedding planners to personalize your wedding, call 800-952-9955.

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