Magical Marriage Proposal Ideas

Christmas is the most magical time of year to propose to the one you love. The sparkle of Christmas lights all around, the snow flurries that tickle your nose, the sound of silver bells, the laughter of families and strangers, and the general peace on earth that reigns over this season makes us feel blessed for family and helps us look forward to the New Year.

And perhaps you want to enter the New Year with not a girlfriend, but a fiancee. If you have visions of engagement rings and wedding bells dancing in your head, Christmas is the perfect time to get engaged in grand style.

~ Hang the ring box, or the ring itself, on a branch of your Christmas tree, then tell her you got a new ornament. Have her find it, then enjoy her reaction!

~ Take her shopping, telling her that you have a couple of Christmas gifts for your family to pick up yet. As you pass the jewelry store, ask her to “pop” in with you…just to look around. Have her look at engagement rings, and let her know what you like, too. When you”ve selected one together, tell the clerk to ring it up. As she stands there stunned, get down on one knee, and ask her to be your wife.

~ If you have the ring already, carry it with you whenever you are around her. That way, if you happen upon the “perfect” magical moment, you can ask her right then and there. Is it snowing gently as you walk hand in hand looking at Christmas displays around town? Are you snuggling, holding one another on the couch, wine in hand, with Christmas and fire light dancing and soft holiday music filling the air? Pull the ring out of your pocket, and ask her to spend the rest of her life with you! Neither of you will ever forget that perfect moment.

~ Get Santa in on the act. Go to your local mall and request that the sitting Santa ask your lady a few leading questions. Then get your girlfriend to agree to sit on Santa”s lap and tell him what she wants for Christmas. As Santa guides her into alluding to a ring, kneel just behind her, where she cannot see you. Then have her turn around, and ask her to be your Mrs. .

Merry Christmas, and congratulations!

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