29 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Perfect Venue

29 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Perfect Venue


Choosing a venue is typically one of the first steps of the planning process.  And for most brides, this is their first taste of seeing what planning a wedding is all about. While most of us have hundreds of pictures and boards pinned in our Pintrest accounts, actually starting the process of bringing these pins to life can get overwhelming, fast.


Here is a helpful list of things to remember to ask when you take that big step into beginning to choose a venue for your big day.


  1. Are my dates available??

How important is it that you get married on 11/11? Or on your anniversary? Or the first Saturday of summer? If you are already set on a date, this should be the first question you ask,               possibly even over the phone, before you consider a venue.

  1. Are there any discounted seasons or times?

If you are someone who is not very particular about the time of year, or even time of day, go        ahead and ask this question to weigh your options. Many times a venue will have peak seasons         as well as slower months where they may offer a discount on the price, free appetizers, a free        additional hour, etc. On a smaller scale, many times a Sunday or Friday is less expensive than a                Saturday.

  1. Is this in my budget?

Obviously the price is something that is asked almost immediately. But before you assume            something is “out of budget” be sure to consider HOW MUCH is included with the price. Just because a venue is only $2,000, it will not be less expensive in the long run if you end up having              to rent every single aspect of your wedding down to your flatware, chairs, linens, and tables.                 The more that’s included, the better off you will be! Trust me! Be sure to get an itemized list of                pricing breakdowns to show exactly where your money is being spent.

  1. Are tables, chairs, linens, flatware, etc included?

Going off #3, you will be better off if these things are included with the venue. You won’t want    to be fussing with table deliveries and folding napkins the week before your wedding, plus it will           most likely be more costly.

  1. How much is the deposit?

Is it a flat rate? Do you receive it back after the wedding? What does the deposit ensure?

  1. How many weddings/events do they do per year?

Depending on the venue, you are going to want to make a decision sooner rather than later so    you don’t chance your day being sold to someone else.  By asking this question you not only get      a feel for their experience level handling events, but also how likely it is that someone else will         come wanting the same day.

  1. How early can you arrive?

This will be able to allow you to schedule the rest of your day.  Are you allowed all day? Can hair                 and make-up be done their or is it simply enough time to put your dress on?

  1. Does it come with a coordinator?

                THIS IS HUGE! Feel free to refer to the blog “Why you need a wedding coordinator” for more        details, but you are definitely going to want someone overseeing the day and doing the behind-        the -scenes work. Of course you can always provide your own, but it is wise to use a professional        who knows the “ins and outs” of the venue.

  1. Guest count minimum/maximum?

Check and see if the venue has a minimum number of guests you have to have and majority of    the time every venue will have a maximum, especially with your food or bar packages.


  1. Is there a bridal suite?

Just think, where will you get dressed or keep your personal belongings? Does it lock?


  1. What does the standard meal look like?

Is it buffet style or sit-down service? What exactly comes with the basic package? Any     appetizers?


  1. Is there a price difference between a buffet vs. sit down service?

If you are looking to save a few bucks, sometimes buffet service is less expensive!


  1. Can you bring your own caterer?

You may not want to, but is it an option?? What about just appetizers or desserts?


  1. Do we get to try the food before?

Do you get to try the meal you choose or a variety of their options??


  1. Can you bring your own alcohol?

Many venues will have liquor licenses to uphold which means bringing in alcohol may not be an option. Check and see what bar packages are available and don’t forget to ask about corkage    fees if you do decide to bring your own!


  1. Will the bar accept credit cards at my wedding?

Can they pay with credit cards or is it cash only?? Depending on your wedding, this may be           something you will want to inform guests prior to that day!


  1. Do they have a vendor list?

If they do, I highly recommend taking advantage of this list. You can refer to our blog, “Be a           Vendor, be a Guest but Never Both” for a more in-depth look at why choosing a vendor from the          venue is the best option! Take advantage of any vendor fairs and personal websites if you are         skeptical, but it is always smart to use people who are already familiar with the way things go.


  1. Are there any fees for bringing my own vendors?

If you do decide to go with someone from the outside, whether it is a florist, DJ, wedding cake,   etc, are there any fees for this?


  1. How will set up and cleanup be taken care of?

This will give you an idea of how the duties will be assigned and will also let you know if you         need to assign mom or family members to help with these things!


  1. Does this come with service staff??

Your family and guests will thank you if you have people who are throwing trash away, serving    food, pouring drinks, keeping things clean for you, and helping set-up/cleanup.


  1. Do they allow candles? Pets?

May seem random, but maybe you want your furry child to carry those rings for you and you        would hate to put effort into those beautiful candelabra centerpieces that have real candles just             to find out the venue allows flameless only.


  1. Is there a cake cutting fee?

(Sometimes a venue will charge per slice their staff has to cut and serve)


  1. Local hotels/shuttle services?

While this may not be a make-or-break decision maker in the process, it is good to know the         surrounding areas, especially for any guests who may be traveling from out of town!


  1. Is a rehearsal included or additional cost?

I always recommend doing a rehearsal of the ceremony at least the night before because it           tends to lessen stress on the actual day.  You may not have any idea if you will even have a             bridal party at this point but ask anyway so you know your options. If you are allowed a           rehearsal time, who will be organizing it? (hopefully your day-of coordinator!)


  1. What is the cancelation policy?

Fingers crossed you will never have to worry about this, but it is definitely great to know!


  1. When is the final payment due?

Knowing this can help you map out your financial timeline in case the payment is due prior to      your wedding day!


  1. What methods of payment are acceptable?

Credit Cards and cashier’s checks are standard but double check and make sure there are no        surprises! Also, be mindful of payment plans they may have to offer and credit card fees!


  1. Is gratuity included?

If this is important to you, see what your options are to include it. You want the day of your          wedding to be seamless with little to worry about as possible and all payments behind you!


  1. What if it rains?

Hey, they say it’s great luck to have it rain on your wedding day! So if it does, what is the game    plan!



While they may seem simple, using these questions can really help you to understand what a venue has to offer and allow you to make a confident decision! The more information you know, the easier to compare your options and hopefully make the process a little easier to grasp!







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