6 Ways to Look Your Best in Every Photo

You want to look your best in every photo you take, but probably never more than in wedding pictures. These photos will immortalize the day you became Mr. and Mrs., and every one will tell a story. So you need to make them good!

Though a bride is always beautiful and the joy of the day only serves to enhance her beauty, looking great in photos is an art, and takes a little know-how. In today’s technological world, it’s no longer just a professional photographer who is snapping pictures that will last forever. Pros can design great photos; friends often cannot. Even the best intentioned friend can then take an unflattering picture and post it on social media for the entire world to see.

But there is hope! So get ready to smile with these six proven secrets for always looking your best in every photo.

Imagine Eating Something Yummy
This one is easy! Just imagine your favorite ice cream, covered in chocolate sauce, melting over your tongue and sliding down your throat. This is guaranteed to have your eyes smiling, which is a big secret to great looking photos.

Blink on Two
Have your photographer take the picture on the count of three. On the count of two, close your eyes and slowly re-open them. This eliminates those dreaded eyes-closed pictures!

Work the Angle
Turn your body to the side 10 degrees. Keep your feet in that position and turn the right side of your body back 20 degrees. Bend the knee closest to the camera and place your weight on your back leg. It sounds like a lot to remember, but once you get the hang of it, you will never take a photo without doing it! Another great way to carry off this position is to put your arm on your hip and pull your elbow back slightly. This makes your waist and arms appear thinner.

Find a Pattern in Your Favorite Pictures
Go through old photos of yourself and take a good look at your favorites. Try to find a pattern that runs through them. Is there a certain angle that looks best? Is your smile big or more flirty? Is your hair up or down? Once you find the trend, work to replicate it.

Mind Your Posture
Make a conscious effort to bring your shoulder blades down and back before the photo is snapped. Imagine squeezing a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. Good posture is slimming and elongates your silhouette.

Lift Your Chin – Slightly
Never lift your chin too high or too low when your picture is being taken. Too low will cause the double chin effect; too high will cause you to look like a giraffe.

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