Dessert Ideas for your beach wedding

Dessert Ideas for Your Beach Themed Wedding


While there is nothing wrong with wedding cakes, and might I add, they can be VERY delicious, some couples are looking for a little more creativity when it comes to their dessert choices. Some people want to think outside the box and give their guests a slightly different experience than they might get at any other wedding.

This is why people choose to have their wedding on a yacht. It provides a great experience for not only the bride and groom but also every guest in attendance and it is guaranteed that they will never forget it!

If you are having your wedding on a yacht, or even on a beach, then this is for you! As a wedding coordinator, we see just about anything you can think of. But here are some of the most creative, fun, and theme-fitting dessert ideas to fit your wedding perfectly.

Whether you are looking for a traditional cake ideas, or something outside the box, we hope this helps steer you in the right direction or even open your eyes to all the great options you have!


Traditional Wedding cake… with a beach themed twist


Many couples wonder how to incorporate their theme into their traditional wedding cake. If we are going for the obvious, sea shells and brown sugar are the obvious way to bring the literal beach indoors, but if you are looking for something a little more personalized, here are some of your options.

Personalize your cake topper.

For example, use cute white, beachy, lounge chairs at the top of your cake. Use big beach umbrellas to signify all your lazy days on the beach! A fun treasure chest can be a unique twist also.

Get creative with the coloring.

Most people will automatically think shades of blue for frosting color on their cake. Not only is it beachy and mimics the ocean, but it also fits the nautical theme as well. It is a great option, but using neutral greys and beige can also fit the theme well.

To take it a step further, I have seen cakes decorated to look like pieces of drift wood or painted to look like the traditional white picket fences you see outside of beach homes and it looks so adorable!

Pick the right flavors

This shows incredible attention to detail and shows how much thought you put into choosing your cake. Choose flavors that would make anyone reminisce about their best memories on the beach.

Mango, pineapple, coconut, lemon are all great options. Make it a party and choose Pina colada or margarita, or one of your favorite cocktails you like to enjoy while sunbathing on the beach!

Cupcake Displays


Cupcakes can make the most beautiful displays for a dessert bar. All it takes is a few platers, cake stands, and tiered stands to add an elegant twist on your dessert table. Even though they are simply cupcakes, they can be made out to look like you put tons of effort into making them look beautiful with just a few stands to add height.

You get the deliciousness of cake, and you can use the same tips for décor of your cupcakes, but cupcakes allow you to get a wider variety of flavors then one wedding cake can. With a wedding cake you may only be able to choose 2 or 3 tiers, depending on the size of your party. But with cupcakes, your options are limitless.

Serve them on oyster shells or a large surf board to add an extra element of ocean details as well!


Cake Pops


Some people think cake pops “were so 2016” but couples LOVE them for their wedding day for many reasons! You get the variety of flavors that cupcakes can provide, and they can also be assembled like a wedding cake (obviously with the help of some Styrofoam) so you can keep the tradition but put a twist on it.

Cake pops are typically a crowd pleaser, great for kids, super easy to eat, with the benefit of getting a variety of flavors.

Plus, they make wonderful party favors! They can be doubled as dessert and a take home favor for all your guests because they travel well!


Assorted treats!


Many bakeries these days offer an assortment of desserts that can be customized to any preference! The beauty of small-bite sized desserts is the variety outside of cake, which can include things like cannoli’s, macaroons, tiramisu, cheesecake bites, and so many more!

If you are not cake eaters this is the perfect alternative if you still have a big sweet tooth! It is a non-traditional option but still can provide popular dessert options that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy.

The bite-sized nature makes it easy to serve, easy for guests to enjoy, and gives everyone the option to choose what they like.

Pie Bar


Who doesn’t love pie! The joy of pies is that they can be made into individual servings, plus just like cake pops, they make great party favors because they can be easily wrapped or bagged and taken home for later.

Pies are very seasonal so if you don’t have a favorite, incorporate fruits that are in season to add a small detail to fit the time of the year! Beach weddings are beautiful all year round so if you are having it in the midst of the summer, peach, apple, and key-lime pies are great options. If you are having a winter beach wedding, boysenberry, pumpkin and blackberry are delicious choices to sooth a sweet tooth in the fall or winter time.

They can be displayed beautifully as well just like cupcakes can!


Cotton Candy Station


Nothing says “care free” like a tall bundle of sweet cotton candy. It will bring the inner child out of every guest and you can always customize it to fit the color scheme of your wedding!

Imagine cruising through the Newport Harbor on a beautiful sunny day with a cocktail in one hand and a big bundle of cotton candy. What could possibly go wrong??

It is a major hit with the kids too! It can be a very inexpensive option as well, plus it is typically interactive so guests enjoy it even more! No one will be able to say no.


Crepe Station


This idea is perfect for the couples who have the travel bug and love to explore new places together. If you and your fiancé have a favorite international spot, or just absolutely love adventuring to new places together, then try and incorporate that personal detail into your wedding day. You can do so with your dessert choices!

With something like a crepe station, guests can customize their crepes to fit their preferences and it also brings Paris to the water! Similar ideas would include things like a gelato station to give it a touch of Italy, or a mochi display to bring in your Japanese heritage!

Create a personalized note, frame it, and place it on the dessert station so guests can appreciate the uniqueness of your dessert even more and understand why you chose to have such a great alternative to a wedding cake!



Ice Cream Sunday Bar


Nothing screams “summertime” like a big ol’ ice cream sunday! You can have cones or bowls, variety of ice creams and as many toppings as you would like to provide. You can even customize it to have toppings the same color scheme as your wedding!

For a lighter, healthier summer option, turn it into a parfait bar with yogurt, which is perfect for day or nighttime weddings!


Donut Display


If you are anything like me, you LOVE donuts! Especially now that donut shops have the craziest flavors and varieties!

Such a fun, tasty treat for your wedding!

Donut holes are also great because guests can build their own skewers with the flavors they enjoy most!


Candy Station


Anytime a couple wants to have a candy station, I always encourage them to have it double as their party favor as well! If you are going through the effort of putting one together you might as well kill two birds with one stone (hypothetically of course!)

Stick to candy that matches your wedding, if possible! It shows everyone that you put thought into it, plus it looks great for photos!

Add a personalized note or “thank you” tag on each bag to indicate it is their take home gift. People will enjoy it throughout the night, it is a great snack to interrupt your dance sessions, plus people can take it to-go.

It’s an all-around crowd pleaser.


Make your own S’mores


S’mores is such a simple treat, but there is nothing that reminds you more of a late night bon fire on the beach!

This is the most perfect idea to bring the beach to your yacht wedding because people can get the beauty of the ocean and the coziness of the beach all with a s’mores station.

With just a few simple ingredients, they can enjoy roasting marshmallows around a controlled fire with their closest family and friends!

Spruce it up with some Reese’s cups and other chocolate bars to really please everyone! This guilty pleasure is perfect for any time of the year, especially the winter!


Cookie shots


You’re probably thinking…”ummm, what??” I would be too, until recently when a couple ordered these for their guests and it was a HUGE hit!

The cookie is formed into the size of a shot glass and milk is poured in the middle. It is a quick treat for your guests and the bride and groom served them at the end of the night as a late-night treat.

Let me tell you, it was such a hit! Especially for those guests who thoroughly enjoyed a few cocktails! It craved their sweet cravings after a long night of dancing!


Cookie Table


This is one of my personal favorites because it embodies the family and shares some family traditions with your guests. Plus, it gets your family involved and makes them feel like they had a part in making your day so special!

Reach out to your baking-friendly family members and ask for their help. Have them share their favorite cookie recipes with you. You can either make the cookies yourself or ask the family member to provide them (maybe as your wedding gift!) have them make 24 of a certain kind, or more if needed, and put them all on a big display table for guests to enjoy.

What makes it so special is create a small frame for each batch of cookies that explains who made the cookie, and the recipe used to create them! If a guest likes that particularly cookie, they can take a photo of the recipe and make them at home for their family.

If it is a recipe that’s been in the family for generations be sure to note that so everyone can enjoy the history behind it with you!

Plus, this pairs fantastic with a coffee station!



No matter what your preferences are, if you are having a beach themed wedding, on land or on a yacht, hopefully one of these options fits you and your fiancé!

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