Wedding Must-Haves

Wedding Must-Haves


Your engagement is an exciting time, and you want to be able to enjoy this time together but planning a wedding can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive. Little by little things start adding up, and before you know it, you are in over your head with decoration, color schemes, floor plans, and so much more.

When you are first engaged, it is critical that you and your significant other sit down and prioritize the things you MUST HAVE at your wedding. Now, this list is going to vary from couple to couple, and that is perfectly fine. But having a list will keep you focused on the things you have deemed important and therefore keep you as close to budget as possible.

Now, from a wedding planers perspective, and from someone who has attended hundreds of weddings in her day, this is my suggested list of things you “must-have” or definitely don’t want to skimp on your wedding!

Let’s start with the basics.

The rings and the Marriage License.

Now this might seem like a “duh” but you would be surprised how often these critical items are left behind because the focus is on the details. So many times, brides get so wrapped up in the table runners, party favors, and packing up the hot glue gun in the ‘just in case’ box full of knick-knacks that we forget about the two most important items of the day.

If you are already married and are having a ceremony for your friends and family to partake in, it is nice to keep a copy of the marriage license and bring it with you and “pretend” to sign it for the professional photographer to take pictures. Chances are you don’t already have professional photos of that.

Similarly, no matter what you chose for your wedding band, the rings are a big symbolic part of the ceremony and should not be forgotten on your big day!


Your Attire

This does not automatically mean a big white dress or a fancy tuxedo. That isn’t for everyone, and won’t make or break your wedding. However, finding and wearing something that fits properly, you feel comfortable and beautiful in is a must-have.

Feeling comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day, no matter what you choose to wear, will ensure a more relaxed, enjoyable day all-around and chances are you will appreciate your photos too! When you are uncomfortable in your outfit, or can’t breathe, it will probably read on your face at one point or another!

When you feel good, you look good!


Obviously every wedding needs a venue! But it is critical that you choose a venue that is significant to you and your fiancé or a venue that can speak for itself. The more a venue has to offer on its own, the less you will have to worry about making it “wedding worthy” and therefore less hassle on your end!

Pro Tip: To save yourself a headache, choose a venue that has beautiful scenery and all the amenities included. You would be surprised how convenient it is to choose a place that has tables, chairs, linens, flatware, service staff, bartenders, and glassware included so you don’t have to rent from multiple companies and schedule delivery times, pick up times, and everything in between!

Something savory, something sweet!

This could mean something different for every wedding, which is fine. But it is customary and polite to host SOME sort of food, whether it’s a few appetizers or a full 5-course plated meal. Regardless of your food selection, be sure to properly inform your guests of what will be served, so that if it is appetizers only, there are no surprises and your guests aren’t left starving by the end of the night.

In addition, having a sweet treat at the end of the night is the right way to send your guests off. Maybe its traditional wedding cake, maybe it’s a candy station, or maybe it’s even a treat that’s disguised as their party favors.

Offering something savory, even as small as a snack, and then something sweet is a must-have at your wedding!

Hire a DJ

A DJ doubles as your Master of Ceremonies which is why they are crucial to the flow and quality of your event. You want to be sure to invest in a professional who can control your crowd and direct traffic as needed. You are trusting this person with queuing your ceremony music, inviting guests to cocktail hour, announcing you for your grand entrance, directing dinner and the reception, and any other important announcements throughout the night. Without a DJ, there tends to be less organization, and less command of the group.

Get a Photographer

Who you choose to be a photographer for your wedding day is completely up to you. How much money you invest into your photographer is also completely your choice. But the point of the story is in fact that you do assign someone to taking photos. Regardless of how casual your wedding day is, I guarantee you will want at least SOME photos of your ceremony and possibly some group shots of family and guests who were in attendance.

Some people spend thousands on an elaborate photo package, and others keep it simple. No matter the decision, you won’t regret having someone capturing the moments to look back on one day.

Coordinator & Planner!  

One of the BIGGEST ‘must-haves’ of your wedding day, is someone who can coordinate the festivities of the day. The DJ/MC will be the voice of the day, but the coordinator does the behind-the-scenes work, keeps the day on track and on time, and also deals with all the mishaps on your day.

Even the most perfect days have slight hiccups, and your coordinator is the one to deal with them so you don’t have to! Whether it’s someone isn’t on the seating chart or perhaps you need help bustling your dress, your coordinator is your best friend, your go-to person for everything you need on your wedding day so you can your family members can be a guest and enjoy the day alongside you!


No matter the time of year, the size of your wedding, or even your budget, using these guidelines for your must-haves at your wedding will ensure that you have the day of your dreams!

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