Six Ways to Organize AND Multi-Task Your Wedding Around the Holidays

Whether you are having a Christmas wedding, a New Year wedding, or a wedding anywhere near the holidays, you are no doubt overwhelmed holiday parties and traditions, Christmas shopping, AND wedding planning. It is hard enough to plan a wedding at any time of year, but it can seem down-right impossible during the month of December.

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Thankfully, there are some organizing tips and multi-tasking tricks that will help you enjoy the holiday goings on while planning your wedding – and keeping your sanity.

Get an organizer and keep with you always
Purchase a wedding planning notebook that has plenty of space and check it often. Do not assume you remember what is coming next or which items you need to pick up at the store. Write everything down as soon as you know it is important. Just got invited to a party? Write it down. Need to make an appointment with the clergyman? Write it down. Your niece just told you what she wants for Christmas? Write it down.

Also make sure the organizer you choose has a pouch in which to place receipts and ideas torn from magazine pages.

Make your wedding invitation list double as your Christmas card list
If your invitation list is already complete, simply use it as your Christmas card list! If you do not yet have addresses of those you want to invite or send cards to, ask for addresses as you see loved ones and work friends at parties. Then write them down in your organizer – which you should have with you always.

Pull dress shopping double duty
Bridesmaid dresses no longer need to be purchased from a bridal shop. Nowadays, bridesmaid dresses are flirty and fun. So as you shop for your bridesmaid dresses, make sure to keep an eye out for that perfect holiday party dress, too!

Ask for needed wedding items for Christmas
No doubt your mom, mother-in-law, or best friend has already been asking what you would like for Christmas. Let them know that you would like a gift card toward that perfect pair of wedding shoes, a gift certificate for the hair stylist you will be using for your wedding, or ring bearer pillow.

Buy wedding favors in bulk to give as Christmas gifts or hostess presents
We all find ourselves invited to a host of parties and open houses at this time of year. For these extravaganzas, you will need to purchase hostess gifts, white elephant gifts, and, of course, gifts for your family and friends. As you shop for your wedding favors, look for items you can buy in bulk. Bath products, boxes of chocolate, and gift baskets are all good choices.

Use parties and get-togethers as try-outs
Think you have found the perfect cake baker? Considering a DIY appetizer course? Do you need to know how your intended makeup or hair style will look after a full evening of smiling, entertaining, moving, and dancing? Host a Christmas party and find out!

Peruse the after-Christmas sales to find bargain wedding items
After-Christmas sales are ideal for finding light strands to decorate your ceremony and reception halls; chocolate boxes, decorative candles, or other items for wedding favors; assorted candies and mints for the reception tables; and more.

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