Reel to Real Weddings

  I came across this blog post by Redbox awhile ago and thought I would share: I love this post and think Erika is right on.

 While every bride has the potential to become Bridezilla – and probably does at least at some point in the planning process – many wedding films portray brides as acting as if they have never handled stress before in their lives! This makes me wonder if there is any hope for the marriage since their entire world seems to be wrapped up in ensuring perfection and protecting their vanity.

 I love the movies that depict the bride and groom-to-be as working together to sort through the inevitable stress related to planning a wedding. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of those flicks that just makes you fall in love with the couple and believe with all your heart that their marriage will last forever. The Sound of Music is one of my all-time favorite movies for just about one million reasons, and this is one of them. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Captain Von Trapp and Maria will be married forever and ever, Amen?

 Another of my favorite wedding movies is Laws of Attraction. Well, it’s actually a movie about divorce, but its deeper meaning and portrayal of marriage is exactly what makes a great wedding movie.

 Sweet Home Alabama is one that I truly adore, yet struggle with at the same time. Melanie’s fiancee, Andrew, is calm, patient, creative, and truly in love with her. Theirs would surely be a marriage made in heaven. Andrew defends Melanie, encourages her, and does not let even her deception quench his desire for her to be his wife. Yet, I am a hopeless romantic that believes in lifetime marriages and till-death-do-us-part, and Melanie was still married to her childhood sweetheart, Jake. And beside, I am one of those that found love at a very young age, so this movie tugs at my heart. It is hard to ignore that Andrew loved Melanie so much that he gave up his will and desire and sweetly allowed her to ditch him at the altar, but the movie ended as it should, with Melanie and Jake dancing at their reception.

 So, while I am completely over-analyzing simple entertainment, I would love to hear your thoughts on wedding movies. What are your favorites, and why?

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