St. Patty’s Day Wedding Ideas For When You Do Not Want an Irish-themed Wedding

Saint Patrick”s Day is on a Monday this year, and with few weddings held on Mondays, most brides do not have to be concerned about being pinched for not wearing anything green. Still, St. Patty”s Day is a festive holiday, and if your wedding is being held anytime between March 1 and March 17, you may want to have at least some inspirations from the Emerald Isle – especially if you or your groom are of Irish descent.

The drinks you serve at your reception is an easy place to start, since almost everyone enjoys a good Irish beer or some Irish Cream. Making the drink table the center of your St. Patty”s Day inspiration means that the “green” does not have to interfere with the rest of your wedding if you do not want to do an overall Irish theme.

A photo booth with a St. Patty”s Day motif will give guests a taste of the party without distracting from your classically-themed wedding. Provide all the props and paraphernalia, and go ahead and get in on the fun, too!

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An Irish dance number or two at the reception will add a fun touch to your otherwise classic wedding. Have the DJ announce that “This is for all the Irish lads and lasses out there! Hit the dance floor: This is your song!” This approach can be fun, and it will not encroach upon your non-Irish wedding.

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