The Scent of a Wedding

  When planning a wedding, colors, flowers, size, coordinators, attendants, and lighting are selected with careful deliberation. Yet not many consider making sure that their wedding not only is pleasing to the eye, but its aroma is pleasant as well.

 Heavy and over-powering scents should never be present, but the sense of smell is a powerful tool for remembrance. Understanding that the fragrance of your wedding will invoke memories for you and your guests for years to come can assist in knowing which scents you would like to enhance your special day.

 Vanilla and lavender are light and lovely fragrances to compliment any wedding. If your special day falls in autumn time, apple or pear with a hint of cinnamon would be a good choice. Pine or berry scents would suit a winter wedding, just be sure they are a lighter touch. Strawberry, peach, and creamy aroma””””s can make a summer wedding a mouth-watering delight. Citrus scents are bright and clean, and the essence of hazelnut and pecan is earthy and rustic. The theme of your wedding, as well as the flowers, colors, and even the flavor of the cake can offer guidance.

 Aboard an Electra Cruises vessel, the gentle ocean breeze offers an appealing aroma that is nature””””s wedding present: all natural potpourri for your beautiful day!

 Giving your guests a grand event is a memory they will treasure, but you can help them remember your wedding in a special way. Party favors are ways they can take home these scents that inspire smiles and sweet memories. Sachets of your wedding day fragrance, candles in your scent with your names and wedding date inscribed on them, or gift baskets of the foods or fruits that inspired your day’s aroma are all wonderful ideas.

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