Wedding Ideas for the Ides of March

We’ve all heard it: “Beware the Ides of March!” The Ides of March, March 15th, is the date that Julias Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.C. Many religious or superstitions persons wouldn’t dream of getting married on this day, but others may find an Ides of March wedding unique and fun. If you and your fiancée are of such a mind, read on for Roman-themed wedding ideas for the Ides of March.

Rock the Dress
A Roman-inspired bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses will set the stage for your superstition-busting celebration. Think empire waists and swooping necklines in shades of gold. Or consider togas or tunics. Sweep your hair up with a gold head band, and adorn your arms with gold bracelets.

Work the Menu
A cake reminiscent of the coliseum, decorated with gold leaves, will add a touch of simplicity and class to your reception. Add decadent fruits complete with their leaves to the base of the cake. Authentic Roman food consisted of bread, fish, salad, cheese, fruit, and cold meats. Adorn your buffet with Italian varieties of these foods. A wine bar will be a fine finishing touch to your Old Empire banquet!

Master the Decorations
Allow your guests to experience the majesty of ancient Rome. Have them enter your Roman palace through a stately column entrance way. Decorate your tables with grapes and olives on a gold platter, surrounded with Mediterranean flowers and foliage. Find faux lemon and orange trees and marbled pillars to place around the ceremony and reception sites. Classical bust props or a stone fountain would be great, too.

Own the Entertainment
Go all out! Hire a harpist to play at your ceremony and professional actors to perform excerpts from Julius Caesar at your reception. Have a Roman-themed photo booth set up, and make sure your DJ is dressed in costume with toga and laurel wreath.

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