10 Best Non-Traditional Guest Book Ideas

10 Best Non-Traditional Guest Book Ideas

Traditional guest books are great to look back and remember who was in attendance at your wedding. The problem with traditional guest books is what to do with them once your wedding is over! They get put in a box or maybe on a shelf and are never touched again. Because of this, couples are starting to stray from the traditional guest book and move towards something much more practical after their big day. Whether it’s something great to display in their home together or a keepsake they can always look back on.

Here are 10 creative guest book ideas to help you ditch the old-school guest book yet still remember who celebrated your wedding day with you.


These days, everyone has engagement photos taken and put together in a collective book. Use that as a guest book! It is something many couples have, and it’s also something your guests will love to look at.


Another option is to put together your own book through many of the online websites and have guests sign that. Take guests through the journey of your relationship together. They will be sure to sign it because they will want to see the photos inside. Plus, it makes for a great book for your coffee table after the wedding!

Play off your theme

If you have a theme to your wedding, use something that mirrors it. If there is something special to you as a couple, choose an item that represents you to have guests sign.


For example, if you are having a yacht wedding and playing off the nautical theme, choose a life ring or an oar to have guest sign. If you and your fiancé are into music, play into that and have your guests sign an old vinyl record of one of your favorite bands, then have it framed and hang it in your house! Is your wedding around the holidays? Have each guest sign an ornament to hang on your Christmas tree!


Tie in your venue as well! As mentioned, if you are having a nautical theme on your yacht wedding, use blue and silver pens to add even more special touches to your guest book.


Date night Ideas/Marriage advice jar


This can be as simple or extravagant as you would like! It starts with one large jar, small pieces of paper and a few pens. Have guests write marriage advice or date night ideas signed with their name. Not only will you know who attended, but you get some great feedback as well to keep forever!


Photo Frame

Similar to the scrapbook idea, use one of your favorite engagement photos or just favorite pictures of you two together. Get it printed on a canvas or put it in a beautiful frame. Then have guests sign the picture directly or put it on white matting so guests can sign the border of the photo.


Again, makes a great keepsake and amazing décor for your home! To take the nautical theme to the next level, put a photo in the middle of the life ring to add a nice touch of detail to your yacht wedding!


Wooden hearts


This is becoming increasingly popular amongst brides today. Each guest signs a small wooden heart and then drops it into the large frame. Perfect for outdoor weddings tying nature’s elements into your details. These kits can be found online through multiple websites like ETSY and Amazon and can be personalized as well!




Leave the globe as is or paint it as you want! If you leave the globe as is, you can use colored pens to sign it directly. To take it a step further, leave small pins for guests to pin some of their favorite locations around the world for you and your honey to travel to! This is awesome for the couples that love to travel!


Thumbprint tree

Essentially, the poster starts with branches and a bare tree in the center of the page. Leave a few colored ink pads and allow guests to leave their thumbprint around the branches. As people leave their marks, the tree grows and becomes colorful with “leaves.” Guests can initial their thumbprint too!


Photo station


Leave a polaroid camera (and even a few props to spice things up) next to a large, open frame with strings running horizontally. Have guests take a candid photo or “selfie” of themselves and sign the bottom of the photo. Then they hang their photo in the frame with a clothes pin on the string! It’s always a blast to go back and look through the photos people take!


If you are having a photo booth, have guests take photos in the booth and place a copy of their photo strips into a book. Then they can write their message to you. You will have fun looking back at the silliness that occurred!


Wish tree

Use a manzanita tree and allow people to write their messages and well wishes and hang them on the tree. Once it’s filled, its beautiful décor and adds to any venue. Plus, it’s always great to go back and read their wishes. Save them and then repurpose the tree!


Puzzle Pieces

Use any photo, design or emblem to create your own puzzle. It can be anything you want! These are easily ordered online and are fairly inexpensive. Then mix it up and allow each guest to write their note on the back of each piece! Keep it forever and put the puzzle together for anniversaries to come!

Whatever you decide, choose something that is special to your theme and unique to you as a couple! Just know there are plenty of options available if you want to stay away from the typical, traditional guest book!



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