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Destination Wedding Etiquette Tips

Correct wedding etiquette is hard enough without the wedding site being miles away! Whether you’re driving down from Bakersfield or flying in from out of state, we’ve looked up the best etiquette rules for your wedding. Out of all the resources online, we decided that the experts over at Destination Weddings answered the most common…
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Why Hiring a Professional DJ Will Always Work Out Better than the DIY DJ

Ever since the invention of plugging your iPod into a speaker system, the idea of being your own DJ has always been a tempting option. Plus, spending a night ordering the perfect playlist sounds like an artistic and personal touch to your wedding. But let’s face the facts: Your playlist isn’t a person; it can’t…
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5 Unique DIY Guest Book Ideas

Source: A children’s book happened to be the perfect symbol for this couple’s love. San Francisco, the city where they met and fell in love, was the subject of this cute book. It doubled as an excellent guestbook thanks to the large amounts of white space often found in children’s books. Photo: Blue Dandelion…
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