7 Must-Do Preparations for a Winter Wedding

There are many reasons to have a winter wedding: holding an intimate soiree with a crackling fire; more dates available for vendors, bands, photographers, etc; a warm, cozy wedding night; resort discounts; the feeling of romance in the air; glamorous bridal gown choices; and a winter wonderland are just a few!

But there are pitfalls too. Here are tips to avoiding 7 of the most common potential winter wedding problems.

Consider a Blizzard Plan

Check out the forecast for your area, both for the day of the wedding and the week leading up to your wedding. If you will be getting snow, you will need to find out if and possibly arrange for the roads leading to your ceremony and reception site to be cleared. You may also want to put an alternate route on your wedding website if you are concerned that one route may be blocked.

Have a Coat Check Person

Coats hanging randomly around the reception site and on the backs of decorated chairs doesn”t look very pretty in pictures, so assign an attendant or friend to be the designated coat checker. You could also design a specific place for your guests coats and create a sign that lets guests know where to put their coats. Just make sure you have a friend or attendant sweep the room occasionally to look for guests who may not have seen the sign. Have the designated person simply ask if they may hang the guest”s coat.

Buy Fabulous Snow Boots

Most brides opt for elegant, perfectly fitted high heels for their bridal footwear. But, more than likely, you will need to step outside at some point, whether it”s for amazing winter wonderland photos or to run from one place to another. Whatever the reason – and especially if it”s for wedding pictures! – you won”t want to ruin your beautiful heels, and you also won”t want cold snow on your feet! Choose cute white boots that will look fabulous in pictures and have your Maid of Honor or day-of coordinator keep track of them for you.

Coordinate Your Attendant”s Coats

Winter wedding wear and accessories are a source of endless fun and beauty. Be sure to coordinate your and your attendant”s outer wear for pictures. Even if you don”t want everyone to match, you sure don”t want one in a red ski jacket and one in a hot pink rocker hoodie! Think cashmere cardigans, faux fur wraps, or soft shawls.

Warm Up Before the Ceremony

If you are having first-look photos taken outside, give yourself at least 15 minutes to warm up before heading down the aisle. Cold hands and a runny, red nose are never comfortable ways to begin a wedding!

Have a Warm Drink at the Reception

A warm drink option is a must for winter wedding receptions, and hot chocolate bars have become a popular trend. Set out cocoa powders, mini marshmallows, candy canes, sprinkles, crushed candies, whipped cream, ice cream, and chopped nuts. Or serve a signature warm drink like hot toddies or hot spiced wine.

Keep Winter Lighting in Mind

When choosing the start time for your wedding, you will need to think about the available daylight. For weddings that will extend into the evening, consider what extra lighting may be needed for the reception site, the outside of the venue, and how the indoor and outdoor lighting may affect pictures.

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