Dreaming of a Winter Wedding

People are so riled up about summer weddings, they would have you believe there’s no charm in a winter wedding. But if you’ve ever seen the sparkle in the first snow of a new winter, you’ll know that there is a silent but brilliant elegance to be captured. The sheer magic of a winter wedding will easily match the delight of a traditional summer wedding. With just the right elements, your wedding will become a winter wonderland.

And not to mention, decorating for a winter wedding is a blast.

White Poinsettias, strands of white lights, and faux snow sprinkled on the floor sets the perfect scene for taking your vows. Add a touch of beauty to this snowy splendor with floating votive candles, pillar candles atop beds of pine branches, and garlands hung above doorways or archways. For the reception area, decorate with small Christmas trees.

Silver paired with deep red, burgundy with cold accents, or even traditional Christmas reds and greens are stunning color combinations for wintertime.

You can create an elegant bouquet with holly berries, sprinkles of snow, and pine greenery with white and red roses.

Set the dining mood for a winter wedding with our warm and inviting Winter Wonderland Cruise menu option. Combining elegant displays of imported and domestic cheeses with select crackers, seasonal berries, crab cakes, mesclun salad, grand prime rib or salmon supreme, rosemary potatoes, grilled or steamed veggies, rolls, creamery butter, and more. Our selection of beverages will warm up even the chilliest of California’s winter evenings: Hot spiced wine, coffee, hot chocolate–with or without peppermint schnapps–hot buttered rum, eggnogg with the optional choice of brandy, or a warm specialty drink conconcted specially for the holiday feeling.

What better way to create the winter feeling than create it in the bride and groom’s attire? Pin the groom with a bold red boutonniere, and wrap the bride in a shimmery white dress with a deep red wrap trimmed in white fur. Finish by adorning with sparkling, diamond-like jewels to evoke the glamour of winter in California.

And let’s not forget winter favors for the ultimate finishing touch. Snow globes, holiday tins full of spiced cider mix, or coffee mugs imprinted with your wedding date are excellent ideas to get you started.

Decorating for a winter wonderland gives you unlimited options. Enjoy creating yoru special day, and may your wedding day be merry and bright!

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