7 Things NOT to do at a Wedding

We have all seen or heard stories of those who have behaved badly or ruined a part of a– or whole! – wedding by doing or saying something inappropriate. Here are seven things that do just that, so you can avoid being that person.

Drink Too Much

If the bride and groom have alcohol at their wedding, one of the worst things a guest can do is to drink too much and behave badly. A wedding is a celebration, not a drunken bash. Know your limit, and stop before you reach it.

Wear White

It”s bad form for a guest to wear white to a wedding – yes, even if that little white dress is the cutest thing you own and looks smashing on you. Resist the urge!

Allow Your Children to Run Wild

It”s best to confirm that there will be child care, leave your kids at home, or, better yet, control your children when you are at a wedding. I understand this is a sensitive issue, but toddler tantrums and unsupervised kids taking over the dance floor, cake table, and adult conversations rate at the top for ways to ruin a wedding. Babies crying during the ceremony may be more understandable, but still disturb the setting. Even if the bride and groom claim they don”t mind, the other guests will – or vice versa.

Ask the DJ or Band to Change the Music

The music should never be controlled by the guests. The bride and groom have chosen the style of music and often even the songs that are being played. When it”s your wedding, you can choose the tunes. Until then, leave the musicians alone.

Speak During the Wedding

…especially if the minister asks, “Are you sure,” or some other similar question. This simply is unacceptable behavior.

Incessantly Take Pictures

The couple hired a photographer; allow them to do their job. Unless specifically requested by the bride and groom, keep your camera or smartphone in your pocket during the ceremony. The reception is a much better place to take photos, but you still may want to keep it to a minimum.

Bring an Uninvited Date

If the couple didn”t add a plus-one on the invitation, then there was a reason. Whether it was to space-save, keep a budget, or any other number of reasons, do not bring an uninvited guest with you.

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