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Destination Wedding Etiquette Tips

Correct wedding etiquette is hard enough without the wedding site being miles away! Whether you’re driving down from Bakersfield or flying in from out of state, we’ve looked up the best etiquette rules for your wedding. Out of all the resources online, we decided that the experts over at Destination Weddings answered the most common…
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What is a destination wedding?

In my experience, I’ve come to see that a lot of people are confused about what a destination wedding really is. People sometimes assume a destination wedding takes place on some tropical beach, complete with an unconventional dress code. And worse, sometimes your guests don’t get the idea and might gripe about it. But a…
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Rules for Re-gifting

Re-gifting is not a popular idea, as it is generally considered taboo. I happen to fall on the unpopular side of this topic, and fully believe that re-gifting a wedding present is appropriate more often than not. Most people truly want you to be happy with what they give you, so if you are not,…
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7 Things NOT to do at a Wedding

We have all seen or heard stories of those who have behaved badly or ruined a part of a– or whole! - wedding by doing or saying something inappropriate. Here are seven things that do just that, so you can avoid being that person. Drink Too Much If the bride and groom have alcohol at…
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