Four Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin a Wedding

Being invited to a wedding is an honor. You’ve been selected to join in the intimate celebration of two people pledging their lives to each other in the sight of God and family and friends. This honor deserves to be enjoyed – and respected. Here are four sure-fire ways to ruin a wedding – and how not to!

Show up with a date when there wasn’t a plus-one
Couples do their best to respect and accommodate your relationship status, but if there’s no plus-one, there’s usually a reason. They may wish to have an intimate wedding of only loved ones, or perhaps the ceremony or reception site is small…who knows? They do. Respect their wishes.

Drink too much
Many couples provide alcohol at their receptions –whether free or cash bar. If your friend or family member has alcohol at the wedding, remember that this is a celebration of a new family, not a frat party or a let-your-hair-down free-for-all. Even if it’s a cash bar and you’re paying for your drinks, you still should be respectful of the event.

Bring unruly children
Yes, we know they’re your sweet angels, but shrieking children, toddlers throwing tantrums, and screaming babies are a bride’s worst nightmare. Make sure there will be childcare available at the wedding and talk to your kids beforehand. Explain the delight and honor of attending a wedding. Be sure your children understand how they’re expected to behave. Or find a babysitter for your precious ones for the evening. That way you get to enjoy the night off, too!

Spill on the bride
Being careless around the bride when you’re eating or drinking is pert-near the worst thing you can do at a wedding. Even though your mishap may be completely accidental, it’s your responsibility to be careful around the bride and her dress. A bride’s wedding gown can cost upward of a thousand dollars or more, and though her attendants may be carrying a stain stick, you can never be sure. Even if they are, the spot may show throughout the rest of the day. If you have anything in your hands that can stain a wedding dress, set it down carefully before approaching the bride.

What other things would you add to this list? Have you been to a wedding where the things on this list happened?

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