Grooms Beware: List of Honey Don’ts


OK grooms, your bride has accepted your proposal and you”re on your way to happily-ever-after. But when it comes to planning your wedding, handling a few details well will make her glad she said yes and make you her knight in shining armor. How you handle yourself, her, and your family and friends during the pressures and stress of planning your big day will make the difference between a romantic and memorable or irritating and teeth-gritting engagement. Here are a few simple honey don”ts you should watch out for:

Don”t be a strict manager.

Remember that girls begin planning their wedding at age 5 and may have a knee-jerk reaction to harsh or unrelenting management (remember this is life after the wedding as well!). Good communication is key. If you think that having the guys wear pink is just not a reality on this side of forever, respectfully communicate this. When it comes to money, it is important to stick to a budget, but make sure that budget is reasonable, and try not to count each penny spent as though you will be giving an account to the IRS. Make a few allowances for splurges, especially those that make her squeal with delight or that you find particularly special. Brides love when their men are involved and responsible, but remember to contribute, not control.

Don”t be passive or have an “I don”t care” attitude.

As mentioned above, while ladies don”t want a controlling guy, they do want one that contributes. While girls generally are way more into weddings and the planning of them than guys are, they do need to know that you care about celebrating the beginning of the rest of your lives together. And weddings are infinitely more spectacular and fun if they reflect the personalities of both the bride and groom. So please participate in the planning, you will not regret it!

Don”t ask your mother”s opinion on everything.

Your bride-to-be loves that you value your family relationships, but this can reach an unbearable level. Just because your mom wants Aunt Bertha”s second husband”s sister at the wedding or just adores hydrangeas or thinks punch should be served instead of wine doesn”t mean these things should be pushed on your sweetheart. Speak up and let your mother – or anyone else for that matter – know that the final decision will be made by you and your lady based on your preferences.

Don”t let your flair for the nontraditional get out of hand.

Your lady may OK with throwing a little Led Zepplin into the reception music mix or going with a fun and unique cake topper over the stuffy traditional bride and groom characters, but you may not want to push your luck with too many quirky ideas. Having the reception at you favorite nite club or asking her to go ice fishing on your honeymoon may be a bit much.

Come to think of it, you may want to keep this Honey Don”t list around to consult after your wedding as well! =)

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