This One’s For the Boys

More and more, grooms are becoming a significant part of the wedding planning process, some desiring to take a large role in the planning, some still wishing to leave the majority of the planning to the ladies but wanting to assist their brides where necessary. So this post is for the boys!

 I came across “5 Wedding Planning Tips For Grooms” the other day while researching another blog. This is a common-sense guide contains simple yet often overlooked tips for grooms looking to find their place in the planning of the big day.

 Tip #5, “Don”t Be Afraid To Speak Up”, tackles a frightening idea for many men, giving your opinion to an already stressed-out woman! But it is important for your ideas to be heard and, more often than not, she will be glad to have you truly participating.

 One fun idea presented is to have the boys over to your pad, grab some bottles, mix up some fun, quirky, classic, old-style, or brand new concoctions and create the signature drink for the reception. Seriously, after that suggestion, you can no longer say planning a wedding is hard work! 🙂

 Regardless of how much responsibility you take on in the planning of your wedding grooms, keep in mind one little secret that not only will make your wedding run smoother, but one that you will need to remember for the rest of your life: Happy Wife, Happy Life!

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