Why Hiring a Professional DJ Will Always Work Out Better than the DIY DJ

Ever since the invention of plugging your iPod into a speaker system, the idea of being your own DJ has always been a tempting option. Plus, spending a night ordering the perfect playlist sounds like an artistic and personal touch to your wedding.

But let’s face the facts:

Your playlist isn’t a person; it can’t keep the dance floor alive. A playlist, or even a music streaming service shuffling through music, has no ability to sense the crowd.

If you are very particular about your taste in music, it’s understandable that you might be wary of what the DJ plays.

But when you’re in the middle of your wedding reception, trust us:

You don’t need to be worrying about the playlist. And I don’t just mean the music being played. A slew of problems can come with your personal DJing device, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck trying to fix it.

Hiring a professional DJ will ensure that none of these issues stand between you and your special day. And when we say a professional, we don’t mean your cousin attending city college who claims he’s a DJ. Here are just a few reasons:

  • A good DJ will still take your music suggestions. Although they may put their own spin on how and when they play the music, they’ll still be able to honor your playlist if you trust them.
  • A professional DJ knows how to gauge your guests’ music taste. If your guests are more pop than than rock, the DJ will figure it out. They can also sense when the crowd is ready to dance and when they’d rather sit and chat.
  • The DJ has more than enough music in their library to cover every base. Your playlist will only last so long before it repeats, and even a music streaming service will only play music within a couple genres at one time.
  • The DJ is a dedicated professional. He won’t get distracted taking pictures with friends and family or stepping away to mingle. Hiring a professional is going to save yourself, or a guest of your wedding, the burden of having to manage the music when they should be enjoying the celebration.
  • Any technical problems can easily be handled by the DJ. Instead of letting several tech-savvy guests crowd around a bundle of wires while the speakers shriek from mic feedback, everything related to the audio equipment will be left in the hands of the DJ.

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