Honeymoon Stress Relievers

We all imagine our honeymoon as the perfect two week hiatus, full of romance, fun, and relaxation after months of stressful wedding planning. All to often, though, the honeymoon itself leaves newlyweds in need of a vacation!

If you want to keep this from happening and make your honeymoon as stress free as possible, just think ahead a little bit.

Pack Light

I remember flying out of DIA as my husband and I were leaving for a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. We lugged several bags each, and a few of those suitcases were so heavy we had to get a cart to tote them. Needless to say, it was a frustrating struggle to haul them all over the airport both coming and going…and it wasn”t good for our relationship either! We griped, complained, and whined (well, I whined!) the whole time.

Over-packing adds to stress and usually isn”t necessary. Think carefully about what you plan to take. Pack swimsuits, but most hotels or pools will have their own towels for rent. Plan to wear outfits that can pull double duty, such as one pair of pants that you can wear with both a blazer and a t-shirt. Pack only two pairs of shoes – one for shopping and lounging, and another for dinner and a show.

Try to pack only one suitcase and one carry on for each of you, and perhaps one hanging clothes bag.

Have emergency Numbers Programmed in Your Phone

These numbers will naturally include neighbors or family if you have an emergency, but you may also want to put in the number of your hotel or resort so you can call for directions, as well as the number for local taxi services in your honeymoon area. Just remember to bring your phone charger with you!

Bring along a notebook with maps, directions, ideas of things to do, and names of local restaurants you may want to go to.

Bring Books, Music, and Games

I know we all would like to think that our honeymoon will be full of snuggling, loving, talking, or romance, but the truth is that it is quite romantic to spend time in one another”s company while reading, writing, playing a game of solitaire, or watching a movie.

Make sure to be open to your spouse if they want to talk, though. You can even make interruptions romantic! Bring along a cross word puzzle and ask for help when you get stuck, read a particular passage of your book to your partner, or steal a quick yet passionate smooch, then go back to what you were doing!

It probably is not best to leave one another to go do something on your own, but taking a little time for yourself while being near each other will help you both relax.

Don”t Forget to Bring Along the Sweet Stuff

Even though you need to pack light – as mentioned above – you still need to make room for the important things! Lingerie and massage oils are important items to pack.

Don”t Sweat the Small Stuff

This may be the hardest thing to do – and it is quite cliched – but it also may be the most important piece of advice you will receive. Most of the things you will become irritated with on your honeymoon will not matter down the road, but if you make a big deal out of it, you will remember it forever. Relax, enjoy your spouse, and remember why you are here…because you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, and, in the end, most of it really is small stuff.

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