Important Wedding Day Details You Should Not Miss

The day of your wedding has finally arrived and all the larger things are covered: the cake, the ring, the dress, the music. But there are a few day-of-wedding details that ought not to be overlooked to make your day go smoothly.

Signs and Directions
You don’t want your guests getting lost on the way to your wedding, so including a map or a Google Maps link in your invitation or on your wedding website will give your guests an idea of where they need to go. Be sure you have plenty of signs outside and at the entrance of the ceremony site, and some signs along the route if the reception will be held at a location different from the ceremony.

Signs are also a good thing to have around the reception site, pointing guests to the bar, the restroom, and, if the reception is being held at the ceremony site, where the ceremony will take place and where the reception will be.

The Guestbook
Guestbooks often get missed is they are not displayed prominently or if no one directs their attention to it. Having a guestbook is a valuable tool and a significant piece of history from your wedding, so making sure your guests sign it is important. You can ensure your guests sign in by using a little creativity.

Include a note in your invitations saying that guests can take a personalized part in your guestbook. Have a designated friend take Polaroids of the guests when they arrive, then ask the guest to tuck them in to the book and sign next to it. Or ask that your guests write their favorite marriage advice next to their name. Whatever you do, having someone man the guestbook is always a good idea to ensure guests don’t miss signing it.

Whether you have assigned reception seating or want guests to choose their own place, it is important that guests know what they should do. Use escort cards placed in a clear and creative way, or assign a friend to let guests know how they should proceed. This will save time, alleviate hassle, and create a more relaxed and inviting environment for your guests.

The right lighting will create a flattering look for the bride and the attendants, so make sure the lighting in the ceremony site and at the bride’s table at the reception best suits the bride. (I attended a wedding once where the carpet was green, and so were the stained glass windows. The bride was lovely, but had an unflattering green glow around her!) Amber hues work well for a pink wedding, blue tinged lighting works best for a white wedding.

Also make sure that the lighting in hallways leading to restrooms are well lit.

A Plan For the Kiddos
If you have allowed children at your wedding, be sure you have a plan to keep them at their best during the ceremony, and entertained during the reception. Have an usher hand out coloring books and crayons or other quiet activities for kids during the ceremony.

If you are assigning seating at the reception, seat children with their parents, or assign a babysitter and seat kids in a different room with lots of games, crafts, movies, and activities.

The Cake Table
Since the cake is an important part of the reception and wedding festivities, make sure your cake table is festively and attractively decorated. But make sure the decorations are low enough to not detract from the cake. Fine table linens and complementary colors are essential, so consider a  monogrammed table cloth and flower petals in your wedding color scheme.

This may not be the most important thing on your mind on your wedding day, but your guest’s seating can be significant. First, attractive chairs in your wedding colors or with chair treatments that match your wedding hues will add elegance and refinement.

Second, you want your wedding to be as comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing, and memorable as possible. Comfy chairs can make the difference between guests who leave early, and guests that stay and enjoy the festivities.

Do you have any wedding day details to add to this list?

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