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If Married People Could Do Their Wedding Reception and Ceremony Over Again, Here’s What They Would Do

We often discuss wedding reception ideas, wedding etiquette, coping with stress before the wedding, you name it. However, what we can sometimes forget is that we are not alone when it comes to planning. Several—and by several, we mean millions— have walked down the aisle before. That being said, married Redditors reveal what they would…
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7 Embarrassing Scenarios That Could Happen at Your Wedding Reception (And How to Handle Them Like a Pro)

You rented out the wedding venue. You hired the DJ, caterer, photographer, and videographer. Everything is all set up, and even then, you may find yourself on the receiving end of an embarrassing situation at your wedding reception. Whether it’s your sister drinking one too many glasses of Champaign and sharing some too personal childhood…
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Top Wedding Reception Themes

A wedding reception is important. It’s not just an after party. It’s the celebration of two people joining their lives together. It’s a milestone in this crazy thing called life. With that in mind, there is no one-size-fits-all wedding reception. Every couple is different. And, with that, their needs are different too. For that reason,…
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