Marriage: More Important Than The Wedding

A wedding is a ceremony that lasts for a few hours on one day – a celebration of marriage that joins a man and his wife for the rest of their lives. While most couples become engaged not for the wedding but for the marriage, the wedding can become an all-consuming one-day plan that starts the marriage off on the wrong foot.

Marriage Gems recently posted a blog quoting Dr. Gilda Carle, author of 99 Prescriptions For Fidelity, “A wedding should not favor the festivities as much as it should honor a couple”s love and respect for one another and their mutual commitment.” They go on in their post to look into the problem of going into debt or spending big money on the wedding day, just to run into money trouble not long after beginning wedded life, and the conflicts this can cause between the couple.

The marriage is really the key,” they say, “spend more time and energy preparing to be married than to get married.” Great advice!

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