Moments of Celebration

Creating moments of celebration requires that we realize how much we have to celebrate. As one year ends and another takes its place, the memories of 2012 will what we create them to be in 2011.

At the beginning of every new year, my husband and I curl up on the couch with a cup of something warm, a box of tissue (that”s for me), and the calendar of the passing year and reminisce. We laugh, cry, smile, and sometimes cringe as we travel down memory lane. It never ceases to amaze me how the penciled-in words inside those little boxes with numbers on them can flood my heart with the same emotion I felt when I was living that moment.

 Every year that we continue this tradition of leafing through the pages of the past, I find myself committing to making the coming year even better, to fill the pages of the newest calendar with more joy, love, peace, and adventure, and with less memories that cause us to cringe.

One way to create moments of celebration in 2011 that will ensure wonderful memories for next year is to make a list of the top ten or even twenty favorite moments or times of 2010, and discuss what made them special. Make a plan to take the inspiration of those moments and find a way to incorporate them into the coming year. Plan also to develop yourself, your character, your talents and abilities so that you are more able to enjoy your life, as well as being more capable of enabling others to enjoy you and being with you.

Look for ways to enrich your life, or areas that you can cut back on unnecessary activities that are cluttering your mind and time. Make a conscious effort to allow those you are in relationship with access to you; show them you love them and they are a high priority in your life.

May 2011 be your best year yet, only to be outdone by next year! Happy New Year from Electra Cruises!

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