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For Him: Manteresting For Your Wedding

A little while back I posted a blog about Pinterest and its benefits for wedding planning. The majority of men, however, wouldn''t be caught dead looking at Pinterest. Which, once again, seems to leave the majority of research at least, up to the bride. But don''t despair, ladies! There is now a great place for…
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The Health Benefits of Kissing

  Did you ever wish you had an easy way to burn extra calories? How about a fun way to boost your immunity? Want a fabulous beauty secret? Great teeth? A unique way to de-stress and feel calmer? Then snuggle up to your sweetie and do some passionate kissing! Yes, you read that right. According…
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Fun Facts About Marriage, Love, and Kissing

  It''s February, and the love holiday is in full swing. So, in honor of Valentine''s Day, we''ve compiled a list of fun and interesting facts about marriage, dating, kissing, and all things love and relationship from and Enjoy! Two in five people in the world would marry their first love. The science…
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