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Elizabeth Taylor Dies at 79, After 8 Weddings

  Dame Elizabeth Taylor, actress and wedding icon, died today at age 79 of congestive heart failure. She had been being treated for the last two months at Cedars-Sinai Hospital for her condition and is survived by her four children, 10 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Her first time in film was at age 10, and…
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The Milestone Of Matrimony

Amber Gustafson, from Amber Events, is wedding coordinator extraordinaire and a dear friend.  She was, in fact, Maid of Honor at my wedding.  She posted a beautufully written blog on "The Milestones of Our Lives", the story of one of her brides and her wedding, a wedding that was almost postponed due to the deaths of a friend and a family…
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For Him: Manteresting For Your Wedding

A little while back I posted a blog about Pinterest and its benefits for wedding planning. The majority of men, however, wouldn''t be caught dead looking at Pinterest. Which, once again, seems to leave the majority of research at least, up to the bride. But don''t despair, ladies! There is now a great place for…
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The Health Benefits of Kissing

  Did you ever wish you had an easy way to burn extra calories? How about a fun way to boost your immunity? Want a fabulous beauty secret? Great teeth? A unique way to de-stress and feel calmer? Then snuggle up to your sweetie and do some passionate kissing! Yes, you read that right. According…
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