Reception Toasts: What TO Say

On the heels of last week”s post, this week we will discuss what is appropriate to say during a wedding toast. I have heard it said that a wedding toast should be like a mini skirt: short enough to keep your attention, long enough to cover the essentials. So here are a few DOs to keep in mind when writing a wedding toast:

DO remember that the toast should focus on the bride and groom. Share an affectionate memory that include both the bride and groom, like the time that the groom told you he knew the bride was the one for him, or a wonderful time you spent with the two of them when their love was evident.

DO share appropriate humor. Make sure that your humorous anecdotes are complimentary to the couple, and shows them as interesting and charismatic, and, of course, madly in love.

DO keep it between 3 to 5 minutes. People want to hear how wonderful the bride and groom are as people, and as a couple. Get to the heart of the matter, make it short and sweet, then land it with a fabulous ending.

DO get personal. You have been chosen to give a toast on one of the most memorable and special days the bride and groom will ever experience, so get real, get personal, and tell them and the guests just how special they are to you.

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