Responding to Advice

Advice. The word alone can evoke unpleasant feelings! Keeping the advice of others at bay as you plan your wedding while keeping relationships intact can be tricky, but the good news is that it is possible. offers excellent, well-thought-out ideas on this issue, and the responses presented can be used in regard to any other boundary issue as well. The writer uses a common-sense approach: “If we ask for them (opinions) – tell us. If we don”t, it”s because we have already decided!!” She states that, “We just make it clear that we do, in fact, mean what we are saying and move along.” Fabulous!

One last thought: It may be wisest to listen to all advice, but in the end, choose what you and your spouse-to-be see to be best, go with it, and let that be the end of it…and above all, do not let anyone send you on a guilt trip because of unused advice!

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