What To Do and What Not To Do When Writing Wedding Vows

If you and your fiancee have chosen to write your own wedding vows but are unsure where to start, here are a few tips on how to do it right.

Early is better than later.

This is not an area where you can procrastinate; do not wait until the week before the wedding to hash out what you want to say! You will be stressed and it will all sound contrived. Remember, these words hold within them the heart you are expressing and the weight of the promise you are making. You do not want to be rushed or hurried when writing your vows.

Keep them fairly brief.

As in all areas of a wedding ceremony, each part deserves its time, but no part should outdo the rest.

Write it down.

Many folks that say their own vows choose to just “wing it”, or speak from their hearts when the time comes. Please know that this usually does not end up working as well as one would like. Be prepared, and jot down what you want to say beforehand. You will be grateful you did.

Make sure to mention more than just physical beauty.

This one may be more for the guys, but ladies do it too. It is perfectly appropriate to mention how attractive you find your sweetie, but remember that you are marrying him/her for much more. Tell her that her beauty surpasses any other and that her goofy personality makes your heart smile. Tell him how handsome and dashing he is and that he is a man of excellent character.

Think about what will last through the years.

Writing your own vows means you can go beyond the traditional and into the unique aspects of your relationship. While you don”t want to go on and on, consider the things that are within your relationship that will stand through the years. What do you want to last forever? Fun and friendship? A shared faith? Family values? Communication? What ever you value in your relationship now that you want for the rest of your lives make a unique and personal touch to your vows.

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