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Wedding vow renewals have been happening in America since the 1950”s, but only became popular in the 1970”s. Some couples choose to reaffirm their vows after extreme marital hardship, but others do so to celebrate a milestone anniversary, or to have the wedding they never got to have when they married. Regardless of the reason, wedding vow renewal has become a significant part of our culture.

Marriage vow renewals do not require a marriage license, but they do often require the same amount of time and work as planning a first wedding does. No witnesses are required, but most couples do ask children close friends to serve as attendants.

If only simple rings were chosen the first time around, vow renewals may be a good time to exchange new bands – or to add larger stones to existing ones. Many couples give eternity rings, or some other band of significance that does not replace a wedding band.

Sometimes, couples will choose to renew their vows once a year, as a continuing re-commitment and celebration of their love. Couples who renew their vows whether once or on an ongoing basis report feeling closer and bound together more permanently. It”s also been reported that couples who reaffirm their love in this way often have lower divorce rates.

If you are considering renewing your wedding vows, talk to us about hosting your special day aboard one of our wedding yachts. We can accommodate just you and your beloved, or up to 350 of your closest friends and family, and we would love to celebrate your love alongside you. If you were married aboard one of our luxurious yachts, we would love to see you back! If you”ve never stepped aboard our lovely ladies of the sea, we welcome you!

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