Get Fit For Your Wedding: Workouts to do With Your Fiancée

It’s summertime and it’s time to get fit for your wedding. But what fun is it to get fit all alone? Instead, take advantage of the time you can have with your loved one and spend a little one-on-one time getting in shape together. So grab your fiancée and get close and get fit with these fun fitness moves for two from

Lovers Lunges and Passion Push-Ups

Married trainers Chris and Heidi Powell say to do as many rounds of 14 lunges facing one another and 14 push-ups as you can in nine minutes. They say a kiss at the bottom of the push-ups is optional, but recommended. (See article for instructional photos.)

Couple Planks

20-Minute Body trainer Brett Hoebel and FlyBarre instructor Shay Kistabi bring this one, described this way:

“Partner one starts in plank position, the other on hands and knees perpendicular to the first partner. Partner two brings one leg up to the tailbone area (avoid lower back!), then the other leg until both are up and extended straight. Hold for one minute.” They say you can get extra sizzle by partner two lifting one leg up. For instructional photos, see the article.

Ain’t No Mountain (Climbers) High Enough

Barry’s Bootcamp friends Rebecca Kennedy and Patrick Frost describe how to do this fun double-up exercise:

“Partner one lays on a bench with soles of feet on the bench, chin neutral. Do a sit-up, reaching hands forward. At the same time, partner two holds top of partner one’s feet and does incline mountain climbers. Repeat for one minute; switch positions.”
And don’t forget, they say, a sweaty smooch at the top of the sit-up!

Pound Your HeartBEAT

The creators of the POUND workout bring us this one, described this way:
Both partners are to sit facing one another, bend knees, toes touching, and holding RipStix or hand weights. “Lean back slightly to contract abs and hold knees together. Bring RipStix across body, meeting partner’s stick in the middle. Switch sides. Repeat 30 times, four times through. Boost your burn by balancing in boat post with both partner’s feet hovering off ground.”

For two more lover’s exercises and instructional photos of all the exercises, go to Fitness Magazine’s website here.

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