Small Bites To Satisfy Appetites At Your Reception


The time of your wedding will, in large part, determine the food you choose to serve at the reception. But you can style the fare you serve to reflect the unique nature of your special day, and often small snacks are just the ticket to big fun!

If you are getting married in the morning, an espresso shot with a mini doughnut, baby bagel, or a cinni bun on top, a kabob skewer with sausages, waffle bites, bacon pieces, and a drizzle of syrup will be a delightful breakfast.

Brunch-time bites can be as simple as a small cup of warm tomato soup with a wedge of grilled cheese, crustless double decker sandwiches, salad with crusty bread, calzones, and a small glass of milk topped with a cookie.

Receptions often run longer into the evening and guests stay later to party with the happy couple. Sliders with a pickle attached by a toothpick, shot glasses with dollops of ketchup in the bottom and filled with french fries, small milkshakes, taquitoes with guacamole, and tiny smoked sausages will have your guests nibbling their way to satisfaction and are a perfect way to end the evening.

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