5 Very Inexpensive Honeymoon Ideas


With the planning and stress of the wedding behind you and a world of careers, laundry, and mothers-in-law ahead of you, the honeymoon is the perfect time for rest, relaxation, and a whole lot of lovin! Honeymoons can be dated back to Bible times as a time for husband and wife to give and take joy in one another.

But for many couples, the notion of taking time off of work and spending copious amounts of money on wining, dining, and frivolous fun is not within their means, especially if they have paid for their wedding. But the fact is that you don”t have to pay outrages amounts of your hard earned money to have a fabulous honeymoon!

Piggy Bank For It.

Decide early where you want to go and start saving. Nothing is too small to put into your savings pot; every little bit adds up! When you are tempted to go out to dinner, put the amount you would have spent in your honeymoon savings and try cooking together instead. Go to the library and rent out a documentary on the place you plan to go and watch it for inspiration when you are tempted to splurge on something else. Even if you are not able to save something every payday or save the entire amount, you will still be ahead of the game.

Register For It.

You can register for a honeymoon through online registries, or you can ask that your guests give money for a honeymoon instead of a regular gift. The registries work just like a wedding registry, but the guests are helping to purchase a trip to the destination of your choice! If you choose just to ask for the cash, let those invited know where you are going and refer them to a website so they can see what their gift will be going for. You can also request donations of frequent flier or cruise miles.

What Are Friends For?

Participate in a home exchange for a week or find out who has a vacation home or time share you can use. This idea works out well not only for you, but also gives friends a way to give you a gift that doesn”t cost them any extra!

Travel Off-Season.

You can save 30% or more on certain flights, cruises, rentals, resorts, and accommodations if you go off-season rather than at the peak travel season.


Taking to the open road to see the Land of the Free can be an exciting, intimate get-away, and more than likely, will be a way of vacationing that will become a large part of your life in the years to come!


Take the time to fill out promotional sweepstakes or contests for resort stays or cruises. And don”t forget to mention to wait staff and clerks that you are on your honeymoon. You may get free desert, champagne, or a percentage off of your bill.

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