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What Not to Give as a Wedding Gift

A wedding gift is an important purchase, and an often confusing one, too. To keep from wasting your hard earned money, and to ensure your gift is appreciated and not offensive, check out these wedding present no-nos. Intimate Items Lingerie, the Kama Sutra, or any sex-related books, movies, or magazines are inappropriate and embarrassing wedding…
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Gifts For a Winter Wedding

Many couples create a bridal registry for gifts they would like to receive or need to set up their new home together, but gifts for the bride and groom can take on a creative, festive theme this time of year. So if you are attending a winter wedding, here are a few fun ways to…
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Make A Wish On Starbright For Wedding Gifts!

  The traditional bridal registry is an efficient way to let those that wish to bestow gifts upon the bride and groom know what the couple would like to receive. It eliminates double gifts and, for the couple just starting out, can be a perfect way to receive necessary household items. But if you are…
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The Best Christmas Present (That is Free!)

There is nothing quite like finding the perfect present and watching the one your heart loves discover what you have gotten them. My husband has told me that every bit of effort put into finding the perfect present is all for one thing: that look. The look in your Love''s eyes about 3 seconds after…
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