For Him: Manteresting For Your Wedding

A little while back I posted a blog about Pinterest and its benefits for wedding planning. The majority of men, however, wouldn”t be caught dead looking at Pinterest. Which, once again, seems to leave the majority of research at least, up to the bride. But don”t despair, ladies! There is now a great place for the guys where they can find inspiration for the bachelor party, wedding present, engagement ring, food, and honeymoon. It”s called Manteresting: Interesting. Man. Things.

With the idea being similar to Pinterest, men now have a place of their own where they can ”nail” pictures, websites, and videos to the ”workbenches” they create. They do, of course, have rules. Men are not allowed to nail pictures that are offensive, or contain kittens, puppies, raccoon, wedding dresses, flowers, or other fluffy animals or frilly things. Snoopy, however, is acceptable.

So, brides, when you want your hubby-to-be to research and plan your honeymoon or learn how to expand your closet to create a walk-in, send him to Manteresting. And guys, when you want to have some time for yourself and want to come up with the perfect wedding present for your lady, go Manteresting!

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