The Health Benefits of Kissing


Did you ever wish you had an easy way to burn extra calories? How about a fun way to boost your immunity? Want a fabulous beauty secret? Great teeth? A unique way to de-stress and feel calmer? Then snuggle up to your sweetie and do some passionate kissing!

Yes, you read that right. According to experts, great kissing enhances a person”s general state of well-being. Kissing revs your metabolism and passionate lip-locks burn up to 6 calories a minute, just 5 calories less than walking on a treadmill! French kissing also strengthens facial muscles by calling 34 different muscles into play, so it”s a great face toner as well as calorie burner.

Kissing also boosts your immune system by stimulating oxytocin and other disease fighting chemicals. It gives you a great smile and prevents cavities and tooth decay because, as your mouth anticipates a coming kiss, you produce extra saliva that washes away plaque.

If all that wasn”t enough to convince you to get your kissing game on, how about this next one? Sweet, gentle smooches release feel-good chemicals in your brain that lower blood pressure and and help relieve tension. Kissing is your very own natural pain killer!

So the next time you want a facial toner, need pain relief, want an extra boost to your workout, or want to boost your immunity, grab your sweetheart and start smooching!

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