The Offbeat Guide to “Totally Not Overused First Dance Songs”

In reading through many different wedding blogs, I have found one that draws me back time and time again. It is a slightly different type of wedding blog: Rather irreverent, hysterically funny, but always chock-full of fun facts and advice, Offbeat Bride always provides a good read.

 In March, Offbeat Bride posted a blog about first dance songs that have not been done to death. Unique touches make a wedding “pop” for guests and provide a memory that lasts for years to come. But often, the song that means the most to you or your beloved is one that has been overdone and holds no hint of being unique. As much as I love and believe in unique touches, I also believe your wedding should reflect your personality and what means to most to you, regardless of whether what you want has been used or even overused.

 Still, if you were able to find a fabulous song that hadn”t been overused, that would certainly be the ideal situation. So Offbeat Bride has combined the database of some musician friends, and compiled a list of “totally not overused first dance songs”! Take a peek and enjoy!

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