8 Fabulous Halloween Ideas For Your Wedding


Seasonal themes may seem to some people to be undignified for a romantic, solemn, and often glamorous occasion like a wedding. But if done right, adding seasonal touches to your wedding can be fun. Holidays add yet another dimension of decorating, bringing more than just the season to life in your wedding.

While Halloween may be looked upon as the least desired holiday to pattern any aspect of your wedding after, there are a few ways to have fun with the theme and maintain the dignity of the day.

1. Consider a small casket with the words “Till death do us part” as a cake topper, or even use this design for your wedding cake. Etsy sells a wooden version as a ring bearer”s pillow.

2. Photo booths have become quite trendy for reception fun. If you are planning to have one at your after-party, make sure you have plenty of Halloween props on hand.

3. The bridal garter is an excellent way to insert a bit of Halloween fun in an otherwise elegant wedding. Consider one with a spider web or skeleton design and a spider, witch”s hat, bats, or eyeball attached.

4. Place pumpkins with spider webs and plastic spiders in the corners of the room or as centerpieces on the reception tables.

5. Use a Halloween snack bowl for the mints.

6. Place a life-size skeleton at the door of the ceremony or reception site.

7. For a lovely and seasonal reception decoration, purchase a large metal basin and a bag of apples. Carve a small hole in the top of each apple and place a tealight inside. Fill the basin with water and carefully place the apples inside the basin to float on top of the water.

8. Have masquerade masks at the place setting of each guest, or put them in a centerpiece with tall feathers. Ask guests to wear them during the reception.

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