Fun Activities for Active Kiddos

Kids. No, not the ones you want to have after your married, but the ones your guests will be bringing to your wedding. Have you planned for them? You may have purchased some coloring books and dollar-store silly glasses to place neatly on the tables, but kids by nature find it difficult to sit still for very long. Once the ceremony is over, you will be lucky if they sit quietly through the cocktail hour or dinner! You may want to find something more stimulating than coloring books for them to do, so here are a few simple, easy, fun, and cheap ideas for you – but you may want to find a separate room in which the kids can play!

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  • Save all the boxes and bubble wrap you can find. If you must purchase them, they are cheap, but kids can spend hours playing and pretending with just these two items! Balloons and pillows make excellent additions to boxes and bubble wrap, and if you throw in some blankets for forts, you just may win play-place of the year!
  • Create a simple balance beam. Find some smooth scrap wood and place in line along the floor, or on the lawn for an outdoor wedding. Toddlers and preschoolers will find it challenging yet safe, and even older kids will love showing off their incredible balance and “walking the plank”.
  • Make an obstacle course. Purchase or borrow a child’s crawl-through tunnel and some pool noodles to hop over, find some rope to string low between two objects for crawling under or to use as a hurdle, and any other objects you can think of. Let the fun begin!
  • Borrow or purchase a medium-sized plastic pool and fill it with plastic balls. Just require that all escaped balls must be recovered and put back in the pool when the kids are done playing in it.

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