The Kissing Game

Clinking glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss at the reception is a time-honored tradition, originating in medieval times when wine was often spike with poison. When a host desired to prove to his guests that the wine he served was not poisoned, he would pour an amount of the guest”s wine into his own glass and drink it. If the guest trusted his host, he would clink glasses when the host offered his cup for sampling. The clinking of glasses became a sign of honesty and trust, and was a toast to good health.

Today, it has become an unimaginative and somewhat annoying way to get the newlywed couple to kiss. But most guests continue to bang away at crystal with whatever utensil is nearest and holler out their wish: “Kiss!

So what is a couple to do? Come up with your own requirements for a kiss, and the harder or more entertaining, the better! Here are some suggestions:

1. Have a donation jar available and tell your guests that in order to get you to kiss, they must make a donation to your honeymoon fund. Of course, change would be fine!

2. Place humorous instructions inside of blown up balloons. The guest who wants you to kiss must burst the balloon and follow the instructions, such as: Name five of the seven dwarfs; yell like Tarzan; dance like Michael Flatley, etc.

3. Have a hula hoop handy that the guests must use creatively on the dance floor before you will grant the kiss wish.

4. Get a bean bag toss game and have the guest throw the bean bag into the hole for a kiss.

5. Make them give you an example of what a “proper” kiss should look like.

6. Have them share a piece of marriage advice.

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