4 Unconventional Wedding Choices for the Brave

1. Pick a weekday to get married

Let’s face it: no matter what day of the week, your wedding guests are going to find a way to make it to your wedding (and some of them will love the opportunity to get off work). Talk with the planners at your venue to find out which days can save you the most money.


3. Try some creative dinner choices.

Chicken? Salmon? Try some food choices outside the realm of normal ‘wedding food.’ Electra Cruises has great options ranging from Jamaican, Cajun, Indian… you get the idea. Shake things up with the menu and give your guests another reason to fall in love with your wedding.


4. Ditch the cake.

Not all fancy cakes make satisfying desserts! Stick with something tried and true like cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or pies. These desserts can still be decorated within your theme, and there’s a much lower risk of being stuck with leftovers.


5. No flowers.

Stay away from flowers entirely when doing the decorations. Doesn’t seem possible? Here is some motivation:


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