7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Way More Complicated Than it Really Has to Be

1. Booking a Venue Without Even a Ballpark Figure of Guests

One way to make things really complicated really early is to book a venue based on an unrealistic estimate, or no estimate, of expected guests. The only thing worse than paying for tons of empty space is booking a venue that can’t hold everyone! Get the number figured out quickly so you can book the venue early on.


2. Picking Your Bridal Party Based on Obligations

No one should make you feel obligated to recruit them to your bridal party. Don’t forget that this is your day, and you won’t feel good about it unless you’re making all the decisions for yourself. Only two to ten people need to be standing up with you on your wedding day, so take your time when picking your bridal party.


3. Enforcing a Flimsy Plus One Policy

Establish your plus one policy clearly and early on. It isn’t fair to randomly decide who gets to bring a date. For this one, it’s best to start with the general rule: If the couple is living together, engaged, or married, you must invite them together. But you might have to make up your own rules for the couples that don’t quite fit these categories. Above all, remember that plus ones will greatly affect the budget!


4. Inviting Guests to the Shower Who Won’t Be Invited to the Wedding

There’s an idea at the heart of the bridal shower to keep you out of trouble on this one: bridal showers should be all about your closest friends and family. A bridal shower is not for inviting guests who you feel bad about not inviting to the wedding. Inviting anyone who doesn’t deserve to be at the wedding won’t come off well (and, at worst, make you look greedy for presents!).


5. Pinterest Overload

So many wedding blogs, this one included, won’t hesitate to tell you how Pinterest is the essential tool for wedding inspiration and planning. But there’s a danger here! Too many fabulous pictures of successful weddings might send you wandering into mental labyrinths of indecision and second-guessing (and not to mention, it might create unrealistic expectations. Not every pinterest project is do-able or within your budget). You’re always going to find new ideas that make you second guess the ones you started out with, but remember: your first impulses are often the best ones. Once you’ve made up your mind, stick to it!


6. Neglecting the Fine Print of the Marriage License

Don’t expect to get the marriage license squared away at the last minute. Depending on the state laws, planning your wedding too early or too late can affect the validity of your license. Take some time to do your research on this one.


7. Forgetting to Budget for Last Minute Expenses

Don’t forget all the little costs that will spring up as the big day approaches. Brides reminds us that, “From last-minute seamstress charges to cash tips for deliveries, most brides wrack up hundreds in extra fees the week before the wedding.” Nothing that a little pre-wedding planning can’t handle.

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