Games For Two: Quality Time While Planning Your Wedding

A few weeks ago we looked at How Wedding Planning is Like Parenting. Planning that special day, like parenting, is a time when the happy couple is often too rushed, stressed, and busy with appointments, tastings, and vendor searches to spend much time together. When they are together, it may seem as though the only thing they talk about is the wedding! And so they are told by well-meaning friends and family that when they get some time together, they ought not talk about the wedding at all.

But we found that the solution to finding happiness in your relationship while planning your wedding is not to stay quiet about it, but to strive for balance. When you are blessed enough to have some quality time together, yet are smack in the middle of preparing for the day you will become man and wife, remember to revel in one another. Do not make talking about the wedding off limits, but do not focus solely on the details of your big day. You have a life beyond just your wedding day, so continue to learn about one another.

One way to accomplish this is take your mind off of your wedding for a while, and set it squarely on your fiancee…by playing games! Below is a list of two player games you can play with your Love. So make a date, grab a couple of glasses of vino, and talk, play, and laugh your way an amazing time with the one you want to call your spouse!


When I was a kid, my dad and I set up a card table at Christmas time and did puzzles together all season long. It was an incredible time and I have such sweet memories of talking, laughing, and teamwork. My husband and I have done this, too, and the intimacy shared is a treasure indeed.


Do you remember when Alex and his dad would stay up until 3 am playing Scrabble to the death on Family Ties? Yeah, it is a fun one!


Loads of fun, but sometimes the tension can leave you breathless!


This classic is available in several versions and is not quite as competitive as other games, so it can be enjoyed regardless of what kind of mood you are in.


This game is a classic as well, and for good reason: it is fun! But be warned, the competition can get fierce!


Want to one-up Checkers? Try Chess! But get ready for a long game and some heavy competition!

Shanghai Rummy

The official play number for this game is 3 or more, but my husband and I play it all the time – just the two of us. It is actually our favorite “for two” game! Eliminate the “buying”, and see who can lay down first!

Wii Bowling

Almost any Wii game will do, but my husband and I really love the bowling competition. Even our two-year-old loves watching us compete!

There are many more games for two – just search for them on the internet, go shopping at your nearest game store, or make some up yourself. Get competitive, get personal, get laughing! You may even build a tradition that lasts your whole marriage – even after the kids come and your days feel just like back when you were planning your wedding.

Photo Credit:, Also a great article on games for couples! Check it out.

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