6 Reasons to Choose an Electra Cruises Yacht for your Wedding Venue

Wedding on the Water
A yacht wedding takes the beauty of a beach wedding but delivers a setting of class and luxury. Both settings use the sea as their backdrop, but the beach lacks the elegance of a sleek, elegantly furnished yacht. The view of the sunset is beautiful from both settings, but your guess will still enjoy the beautiful night in the comfort of our warm yachts.

Unforgettable photographs
Being on a yacht provides unforgettable photo opportunities. Photographs at the ship’s railing with the ocean behind you; the beautiful sunset sinking into the ocean; the list goes on. You and your guests can’t afford to miss this chance.

Approved Catering
Our catering options were specifically hand picked, so you can rest assured that all of our menu options will fit the theme of your wedding. Our selections are made with fresh ingredients and guaranteed quality.

All your vendors in one place
Book with your vendors all under one roof! Our monthly vendor meet and greet allows you to meet several photographers, videographers, DJ’s, and more. All this is brought to you in a social gathering with other couples, complete with hors d’oeuvres served by our formal waiters. Electra Cruises staff is always at hand to answer your questions.

Unique but classy
A yacht wedding is one you and your guests will remember for ages–but not for any of the wrong reasons. Everyone will remember how they were treated like luxury on Newport Harbor’s finest yachts. Not to mention, a ride on a private yacht with your friends and family is a once in a lifetime experience.

Ceremony and Reception in the same place
Our yachts aren’t just ceremony rooms on the water. Our yachts are fully equipped with dance halls, bars, sound systems, and everything needed to seamlessly transfer the ceremony right into the reception. Our service is completely committed to your event for the whole ride.

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